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Princes fight for hegemony

Princes fight for hegemony

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Six characteristics of the vassal hegemony:

[Real terrain 3D sand table]

We have made a sand table that highly restores the history of the Three Kingdoms,

The Yimapingchuan of the Central Plains, the natural dangers of the Yangtze River in the south of the Yangtze River, and the rugged mountain roads of the Shuhan will all become strategic elements that players can use on the sand table!

[Rich and free gameplay]

Players allocate resources based on the situation and the proportion of field construction,

Use soil barriers, arrow towers, combined with terrain to build a defensive formation,

The Qing suppressed foreign races to collect equipment, capture and surrender famous Three Kingdoms heroes

Siege of cities and land, expansion of territory, all in the same sand table scene!

[Hero free training]

Han, Wei, Shu, Wu, Xiliang, and Yellow Turban, heroes from each camp will activate special effects when they join together. Hero talents and treasures can be freely selected and matched to create their own heroes of the Three Kingdoms! In the later period, famous generals of various dynasties will appear one after another!

【Strong Strategy】

The formation of heroes, the marching route on the sand table, the development direction of science and technology, every step of the choice, all affect the final battle!

[Fight side by side with friends]

In addition to personal match-ups, you can also team up with friends to match up. Everyone understands the feeling of being black!

Persist in making unique games and give players a brand-new experience. The Battle for Hegemony developed by Heiju Network is waiting for you to lay down a big territory!

Princes fight for hegemony
Hossam Galal

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