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Rainbow Lianmeng

Rainbow Lianmeng

By: 盛趣游戏

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"Brave man, have you ever forgotten your mission."

"Who are you? It doesn't look like a messenger. Did I pronounce the spell wrong?"

A fateful reincarnation, a wrong call, made the brave travel to the mainland of Galland more than two thousand years later. The battle for the twin goddesses to compete for the creation crystal has long ended. Humans have gained magic power from the energy of the crystal burst, leading all races on the earth to return to peace and prosperity. But the servants of the Shadow Goddess who were defeated in the war-giants, dragons, and apostles, still hung in the shadows and peered at the world. A conspiracy that would sweep the entire continent has started...

Welcome to Lord Brave to save this fairy-tale style Q cute horizontal version of the world! Here you will experience:

——Unlocked horizontal battle

Are you a domineering warrior or an elegant musician? Of the 5 professions, one of them will become your bounden duty. Throw yourself into a fast-paced, lock-free, hard-core horizontal battle!

——The Valkyrie Combination

The first Valkyrie Combat Mode, partner, be my wings and fight together!

——Real and free big map

In this big world with real light, day and night changes, wind, rain, and snow, you can stop and go around eating and traveling, from plains to forests, from deserts to bays, leaving your footprints and stories everywhere.

——The world's cute pets keep catching

The water element of Q bombs, the cool silver wolf...Do you want them to be your pets to accompany you on your adventures? Go find, tame, and train them all over the world, and become a master of magical pets (something seems wrong)!

——Rich puzzle gameplay

Who said that the brave must use force to solve the problem? Brains can also show their talents. what? It turns out that this is a puzzle game with built-in horizontal combat?

——Interesting multi-line plot

The main storyline is fully voiced, with mysterious and unpredictable endings. Your choice may not only change the fate of an NPC...find out the hidden clues, change the world line, and reach the GOOD ENDING in your heart!

Rainbow Lianmeng
Hossam Galal

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