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Project Soul

Project Soul

By: 迅猛龙工作室

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When a sudden disaster came to the world, a black hole called "Void" engulfed everything including humans...

You will act as the commander of the Ability Academy, guide the "soul walker" who returns after losing memory, and fight with them in the end of the world to save the world!

【Multiplayer Duel vs. Dark Demon】

A copy of a multiplayer team to fight against the Dark Demons together.

Team up with friends to challenge the world boss, bring a more refreshing combat experience, and there are rich rewards waiting for you to open.

【Relax at leisure and deepen bond】

In addition to highly intense fighting, you need to relax deeply to get your state back.

Cafes, libraries, hot springs... fun games in multiple scenes are waiting for you to explore one by one.

【Massive Apparel, Hundred Deformations】

Various ways to produce fashion, enhance the combat strength and show personality. Free to match as you like, you can choose from a large number of clothes!

[Freedom Mode Rebirth]

With a high degree of freedom, there are more possibilities in the end. Special combat skills are developed in multiple ways, and the community system achieves higher growth expectations.

There are also exclusive emotional interactions to unleash the power of the strongest soul, and the Academy of Abilities awaits you!

Project Soul
Hossam Galal

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