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Peerless Tang Sect in Douluo Continent

Peerless Tang Sect in Douluo Continent

By: 箕裘游戏

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The starting point Chinese website strongly recommends, adapted from the original work of the Tang Family Sanshao. Designated cooperative mobile game for the novel of the same name

【Peerless Tang Men Novel Official Cooperative Mobile Game】

"The Peerless Tang Sect of Douluo Continent" is an official mobile game for the novel! On the Douluo Continent ten thousand years after Tang Sect was founded, Tang Sect declined. A generation of Tianjiao was born, can a new generation of Shrek Seven Devils revive the Tang Sect and compose a Peerless Tang Sect song

[Xingdou Forest Hunts and Kills Thousand-Year Soul Beasts]

Hunt the thousand-year soul beast and fight the Star Dou Forest! The inheritance of divine power is opened, the demigod system is fully descended, and Huo Yuhao will lead you to break through the limit Douluo and become a god!

[Join the sect and return to the top of the Tang sect]

Join your sect and create miracles and brilliance in the Douluo Continent. Reproduce the peak moment of Tang Sect!

[Super high welfare login to send seven monsters Jiang Nannan]

The benefits are super high, log in to send thousands of yuan ingots, SR will send the seven monsters Jiang Nannan, and your friends to brave the mainland of Douluo!

Peerless Tang Sect in Douluo Continent
Hossam Galal

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