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Wilderness savage god

Wilderness savage god

By: 大跳龙工作室

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"Wild Wild God" is a role-playing game with open world, free exploration, simulation management, and fun brain-burning. Players will explore freely in the open world of the dusty continent.

[Game Background]

This world has reincarnated several times in hundreds of billions of years, but you are here at the right time, and the secrets of these hundreds of billions of years will be revealed by you.

The ship the protagonist rides is traveling at sea, and a sudden storm hits, and the protagonist falls into the water unfortunately. The protagonist who is struggling in the water finds that the surrounding environment has undergone very strange changes. He even saw himself driving a boat by his side in the past, and finally the protagonist passed out in a coma. When the protagonist wakes up, he is surprised to find that he has become younger and is in an unknown continent—the dusty continent...

The dusty continent is a world full of unknowns and challenges. Various types of puzzle-solving copies are found in every corner of the world. These puzzle-solving copies require serious thinking and use the physical and chemical systems we have developed to understand the mystery. There are also evil forces, and these forces pose a serious threat to the survival of the mainland. Players need to earn wealth, strengthen abilities, and recruit talents to maintain this beautiful world.

【Feature Description】

--Open, free to explore the world, non-linear gameplay, allowing players to play freely and have a happy experience.

--Rich simulation business gameplay, players can own their own shops, museums, homes, pastures, etc., or invest in other people's shops to get profit dividends. Players can also make profits by buying and selling between cities through their own commercial means.

--Friendly social system, players can make friends with NPCs, become managers of towns, run for major official positions, and gain partners.

--Special skill system, there are many skill effects in the game, and even the terrain of the map can be changed. Players can make any combination and produce unexpected effects.

--The Upright Xia system allows you to open roads in the mountains, build bridges in water, build walls and trap beasts, double-point teleport, etc., allowing players to freely explore this open world.

--Exciting plot, confusing mystery, the secrets of this world waiting for you to uncover.

【Open World】

Players can explore freely on the dusty continent instead of experiencing the game linearly and step by step. The openness of the game can be experienced from the following perspectives: Upanishad, God of Nature, various DIY systems, manufacturing systems, and so on.

【Ultimate Box】

That is, we define the physical system and use intuitive thinking to solve the problems encountered.

--Paving roads, paving roads on existing terrain to overcome obstacles, or free NPCs trapped in obstacles. It is very useful in puzzle-solving dungeons, and many puzzles will be solved easily, provided that they are well planned and skillfully used.

--Water area, placing water area on the existing terrain can produce a continuous flooding effect.

--Flame, place flames on the existing terrain to produce a fire effect.

--Two-way teleportation. Players can set up two portals on the map. After the player or NPC enters one portal, they will immediately appear from the other portal.

--Intermediate portal, players can set in the map, after the player or NPC enters, they can immediately move to a random location on the map.

--High-level portal, players can set and designate another map as a destination in the map.

--Basic soil and rock, you can set an obstacle on the map, which can be used to block, etc.

--Intermediate and advanced soil and rock, you can set a square wall on the map, and users can block, besiege, and so on.

--The god of nature, players can change the weather (rainy, sunny, blizzard, etc.), change the terrain structure (plateau, magma, swamp).

【DIY System】

--DIY home, according to the level of beauty, you can receive a lot of gold rewards every day.

--DIY museum, put the valuable cultural relics collected in the museum, you can get a lot of exhibition income.

--DIY farm pastures, growing vegetables and raising cattle, all of which can bring income.

--DIY medicine, DIY food, DIY decorations, etc.

【Manufacturing System】

That is, the chemical system we define. Players collect resources from the vast dusty continent and use the chemical system to create the items they want.

--Food. Through fishing, dungeons, caves, etc., players can obtain a large number of ingredients including fish, meat, spices, vegetables, fruits, etc., with recipes, you can create delicious food. Food can not only solve the problem of fullness, but also provide basic attributes for the player. Advanced food is more effective.

--Pharmaceuticals, by collecting various herbs and matching formulas, you can create potions. Potion can heal injuries and is also very useful for enhancing player's strength.

--Decorations, furniture, etc., by collecting wood, stone, metal, etc., various decorations and furniture can be made, and users can decorate the player's home. Decorations can also be given to NPCs to increase friendship, which is very helpful for players to run for city lord.

【Simulation business】

Players can accumulate wealth through a variety of ways to lay a solid foundation for improving their overall strength. These approaches include:

--Operate a museum, collect cultural relics, DIY display them in the museum, and earn entrance fees. If you can collect cultural relics sets, your popularity and income will be greatly increased.

--Operating shops. Residents in the dusty mainland like to shop. Opening a shop is also an important means of earning a living.

- Runners resell goods, each town has its own local products, reselling to other places is a very good business.

--Invest and receive dividends. Many ancient shops in the mainland accept foreign investment, and the dividends of investment are also very good.

- Campaign officials receive high salaries, and the salaries of officials are very generous.

-Make goods for sale, high-end and rare foods will sell for a lot of money.

-Arrange a partner to work for others to make money, your doorstep can go to help others make money.

--Operating farms and pastures. The products of farms and pastures are very useful. They are an important source of food and medicine, and they can also be sold for money.

[Fun puzzle]

Relying on the free and open upright box system, many interesting and puzzle-solving copies have been made, distributed in all corners of the mainland, and players can experience it independently.

-Stealing vegetables from the farm, avoiding the door, and obtaining delicious ingredients are important sources of food.

--The water is deep and hot, make good use of the flames and waters in the Upanishads to overcome the difficulties.

--Dive into the assassination, the monster is very cunning, arranged layers of defense, can only outsmart but not intrude.

--Tracking and seeking, you need to track the child delivering the food to find the mysterious person behind the scenes...

- Avoiding roundabouts, with heavy organs, if you don't pay attention, you will be crushed.

-Siege and kill, build walls to encircle the monsters, and then fill water to solve the problem.

--Limited time levels, time is limited, you must fight quickly.

--The sprint task requires speed to avoid chasing and killing.

-Hidden organs, find organs, and relieve the crisis.

This is also a challenging world...

There are even more misty world plots, waiting for you to unravel...

Wilderness savage god
Hossam Galal

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