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Canglin Ji is a game that uses placement as the main gameplay. It plays the role of Yamen Chief in an overhead era. It seems inevitable in a period of time.

Find a breakthrough in the ending of life to change the final destiny of several characters.

1. Game overview

 Ancient Yamen theme.

 Simple and interesting game process.

 Puzzle-solving plots.

 Stand-alone game.

2. Story background

The reason why Lin is Lin is based on virtue but not shape. ——Han Yu

In The Story of Canglin, the player plays the head of the Huolin Mansion, in the last year of the turbulent dynasty. You who are in danger will be responsible for the rise and fall of Huolin Mansion.

By assigning characters to go out to handle cases, patrol or watch the night, you will get to know a group of heroic children in troubled times. Their fate is in your hands, and their ending is waiting for you to discover.

3. Introduction

1. Place:

-Cases: The game will be played for real 8 days. Cases will occur every day during these 8 days. Players handle these cases by assigning roles. The different abilities between roles and the different combinations of roles can easily affect the outcome of the case. After the player has assigned the role, he can go offline or change the assignment decision at any time.

The case can only be carried out during the day, and the day begins at 7 am.

-Night Patrol: At 7pm, the game will also enter the night at the same time. At this time, the Huolin Mansion has been closed, and the assigned night patrol will be responsible for the night patrol at this time. Some unexpected events may happen at night.

2. Puzzle solving: There are several characters in the game, and they have a plot connection between them. Each character also has an established ending. Players need to find a pattern in repeated games to trigger a new ending; arrested The prisoners may not be really bad guys, and the arrests may not necessarily be justice. The hidden content of the puzzles is analyzed and solved through dialogue and other channels.

3. Collection: Every day cases have several endings, which will be triggered according to the ability of the assigned catch; each character has a certain introduction file; after 8 days, the final ending will appear based on the previous performance.

4. Interaction: In the game, players can capture, release, and assign three behaviors to the character.

Hossam Galal

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