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One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch

By: 双想游戏

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Note that you have been surrounded and the number of enemies is large. You must use any weapon that can be attacked, use your masterful skills to defeat your opponents and become the world's highest fighter.

"One Finger Magic" aims to allow players to experience the world's most hand-testing game

"One Finger Magic" has the unique two-button design of the original OFDP. In the past five years, various mechanisms have been continuously improved through research and development.

Speed and accuracy are the keys to this whirlwind battle frenzy, because players can control 26 different unlockable skills, experience the frenetic gameplay and classic Kung Fu style animations.

Game features

-"One Finger Death Punch" is the orthodox sequel to One Finger Death Punch. This game continues the game experience of the previous game and further develops it.

-"One Finger Magic" allows players to control their own stickman, fight and sweep each level.

-"One Finger Magic" this game will let you experience, even without cumbersome key combinations, fighting games can still become refreshing and complex.

-Once players have completed the novice tutorial, they will find that this is the most explosive action game in history that only uses two fingers.

-"One Finger Magic" has produced more than 1,000 different animations, making your battle experience more fresh every time, and making fantasy battles possible.

-Players can use any of the 26 skills. It is a major design challenge for players to acquire these skills at the same time, but this is the core content that "One Finger Magic" is trying to achieve. Players can achieve all 26 skills through operations This is the unique spectacle of "One Finger Magic".


-Simple and easy to learn

-Test your operation and improve reaction ability

-The only goal of the game is to create fun

-More than 400 levels, waiting for your challenge

-26 skills, free to combine and match

-4 endless survival towers

-More content, stay tuned

One Finger Death Punch
Hossam Galal

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