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Planetary geologist

Planetary geologist

By: TOT游戏

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"Planetary Geologist" is a role-playing game with a science fiction adventure theme. It focuses on interstellar connection and fog exploration. It cooperates with scientific research data to conduct map exploration, collect minerals, etc., so that your exploration is real and rich. You will play the role of an astronaut on the moon base, and accompany the protagonist of the story, Heriot, to find the last refuge of mankind in a strange galaxy.


In the tragic and unreasonable world, the story begins.

As unknown meteorites fell through the atmosphere, an unknown and terrible disease began to spread across the world-petrochemical disease.

In order to find a way out, humans sent exploratory spacecraft to survey and map the biology, meteorology and hydrology, geological conditions, and chemical elements of terrestrial planets to find suitable habitats.


You will play the role of an astronaut staying at the moon base, and provide guidance and companionship for the protagonist [Heritiu] who explores the spacecraft. In the constant adventure and exploration, you will truly feel lonely, the bigness of the universe and the smallness of life. "Heriot, the world is vast, far more than we can dream of."


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Planetary geologist
Hossam Galal

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