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Steel Mercenary Group

Steel Mercenary Group

By: kod games

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Welcome to "Steel Mercenary Group"! In the center of this world there is a mysterious mountain, the top of which is hidden in the clouds and is invisible all year round. The sages there used the unique crystal in the mountains to create civilization, but the excessive absorption of energy made the crystal overwhelmed and eventually caused an energy explosion. Fragments of the Thousand Mother's Stone are scattered throughout the entire continent. We will recruit various mecha heroes with unique characteristics, form our own expedition to search for crystal shards, and at the same time obtain resources by mining minerals, develop teams, fight against various enemies, compete with other expeditions in the same world, and explore the entire world .

Gameplay introduction:

Hero system:

In the world of "Steel Mercenary", we have a rich character library, where you can summon hundreds of unique mecha heroes, even legendary characters such as Athena, Morgana, and Loki. Will appear in the adventure team.

【Equipment System】

The rich equipment system ensures that each hero has a large selection of equipment. The heroes will behave differently when wearing different equipment. Wearing equipment can even change the hero’s skills.

【Duplicate system】

By challenging the gradually open dungeons, players can obtain a huge amount of equipment. From these equipment, carefully selecting the equipment that is more suitable for the hero can make the battle more effective.

【The Twilight of the Gods】

The layers of the maze require players to lead their own expedition team and proceed cautiously step by step. Each step forward can bring surprises to the player's expedition team. Every adventure is a brand new experience, and the randomly generated maze tests the player's overall view and brain strategy.

【Hero Extraction】

Generous heroes get opportunities, allowing players to experience a sense of refreshment that they have never had before. Say goodbye to the frustration of being unable to draw for a long time. It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw a hero in "Steel Mercenary Group". Players can also specify a race to get a hero; if you don’t draw, it’s okay. You can trade with the system fairly and hand in one you don’t want The hero returns a high-quality hero with the same star level. You can change as many times as you want, and you can change it until you are satisfied.

Steel Mercenary Group
Hossam Galal

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