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Mysterious Adventure Group

Mysterious Adventure Group

By: 食梦游戏

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"Oh my god, how can these adventurers be so fascinated."

I don't have much combat power, but my sister who is full of adventure stories dragged me to the north of the unexplored kingdom and opened an adventure guild.

A casual (Tucao) joy (sand sculpture) magical adventure daily story is about to unfold.

Game features:

[Double-layer card development]

A two-layer card development system composed of heroes and followers. There are a wealth of heroes and followers (not many) that can be collected, and multiple development routes such as upgrades, training, and transfers can be cultivated freely. And you can form a personalized adventure team centered on heroes!

[Guild Construction]

Assign heroes to build your own guild! (Not done)

[Rich and playful battle]

High-strategy (not difficult) map exploration gameplay, real-time card battles that can be manipulated by hand (just lost skills), and a variety of random events are available for experience.

Additional statement: This game is still in the production stage, and there are big deficiencies in the gameplay and content. I hope you can understand more. At the same time, you are also welcome to leave a message in the comments. Thank you for your support.

Mysterious Adventure Group
Hossam Galal

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