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Mini Fireman

Mini Fireman

By: 孤独旅行者

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After a meal, relax! The cute ice baby and fire baby are here! The Adventure of Ice and Fire, this is a super fun casual game that not only tests your wisdom and coordination, but also tests your hand speed! Will you be the best spokesperson with courage and strategy?

Game features


1. The brand-new design of the image of the ice and fire people, cute and cute.

2. Two-person clearance will not only challenge your wisdom and coordination, but also test your hand speed.

3. Tension and excitement. There is a time limit for Samsung customs clearance. Can you pass the customs with stars?

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If you think the game is fun, please give us a good comment. If you have any questions during the game experience, please feel free to contact us. QQ: 3509152361

Mini Fireman
Hossam Galal

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