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Alchemy and Magic

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"Alchemy and Magic" is a 2D sandbox action adventure game in which players need to play a magician to carry out magical adventures in another world. You will enter a primitive world with magical powers. You can use magic to modify the structure of this world as you like. You also need to use magic to protect yourself from monsters. Through continuous exploration, you will obtain more rare materials, advanced magic scrolls, and encounter more dangerous opponents. Make advanced equipment, refine potions, and prepare magic for a wonderful adventure.

Featured gameplay:

1. Sandbox construction

The entire game world is composed of squares, randomly generated according to certain rules. All the blocks can be destroyed and collected by the player by magic, and then the player can reposition the collected blocks in the way they want, or make these blocks into other more practical items. You can create huge castles and towering magic towers freely!

2. Magic system

The game has four attributes of "water, fire, earth, and wind", and each attribute has a series of spells. Fire spells dominate damage, with burning effects, water spells dominate control, with freezing effects, earth spells dominate defense, with petrification effects, wind spells dominate movement and assistance, and have many special effects. You need to collect spell scrolls in the game to learn various specific spells, and you need to do a lot of preparations before casting to successfully release a spell, and the corresponding spell effect is also very strong-with appropriate equipment, you can even one Kill a boss full of blood.

3. Alchemy system

There are a lot of alchemy materials that can be collected in the game, which can be made into alchemy potions, and the alchemy potions are all items with powerful effects and the same powerful side effects. The rational use of alchemy potions can make the entire adventure more effective. The alchemy process is also affected by the four major attributes. The discovery of the law of refining medicine is also one of the core fun of the game. If you want to release high-level spells across levels, it is even more necessary to use the corresponding attribute potion to support.

4. Survival system

Players will not die permanently in the game, but all items on their bodies will fall at the location of death after death, and losing a piece of equipment often means very fragile. Players will not be troubled by hunger, and can rest assured to focus on development and adventure, collect materials, make high-end furniture, and step by step to make their homes grow. This is the romance of sandbox games.

5. Equipment system

The equipment in the game determines the growth of your character, and different equipment determines your different development routes: casting spells requires equipment attribute support, efficient collection requires special magic wands, and killing bosses requires a certain amount of blood. Collecting suitable equipment and trying different development routes has become another core fun in the game.

Alchemy and Magic
Hossam Galal

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