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Shadow Island

Shadow Island

By: 心缮网络

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"Shadow Island" is a hard-core competitive survival game based on stealth, assassination and concealment. The hunter played by the player is placed on a small island deserted by the leak of nuclear radiation to participate in a hegemony game where you must fight with other hunters to survive. Since every action of the player can make a sound to expose his position, so in the process of stealth killing or frontal confrontation, he has to move himself to a safe area that is shrinking with time. This will also be a new way of playing.

【Overlooking shooting】

The game type is more suitable for mobile phone operation, exciting experience, and can also have a view of the overall situation, so that the enemy hiding in the corner can be hidden without a trace!

[Sound visualization]

You can determine the direction and distance of the enemy through the sounds around you, but you don’t wear headphones? It doesn't matter that we have used the screen to identify the source and scope of the sound! But at the same time, you should also be careful to act as lowly as possible. Who knows how many enemies are hiding in the dark to beat you?

[Destructible wall]

Those who are most annoyed by LYB squatting in the corner to reap the benefits of fishermen? It doesn't matter, our wall can be broken! If you are sure that there is a wretched stuff behind the wall waiting to receive the head, don't hesitate to blast the wall open and show him a show of sorrow!

[Fog of war blocked by a cone with visual obstruction]

Due to the weather and the environment, the player's field of vision is limited and can only see a cone-shaped area in front. In this way, the character's back will be more dangerous. Is there anything more exciting than lurking around the back to stab the enemy to pick up a set of skills, leaving behind a pool of corpses and sneaking away?

Shadow Island
Hossam Galal

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