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"Unknow World" is a combat training type survival shooting game, 100% reduction of the end game mode, allowing players to conduct combat survival training shooting battles in a free battlefield full of unknown factors and random factors. A single game can accommodate up to hundreds of players at the same time. The game starts by parachuting. All players will land in a no-man’s land. They need to constantly search for equipment, weapons, supplies, etc., to fight against other enemies. Gambling with each other in the mechanism of shrinking security zones!

[Extreme picture, perfect restoration of the end game quality]

Ultra-high-resolution image quality settings, 4K scenes use real-time lighting, real and delicate light and shadow effects, realistic character models, smooth movements, dynamic elements of the scene, and rich details!

[Innovative gameplay, strategy shooting to survive at the limit]

The game starts by parachuting, and everyone has nothing after landing. Players need to collect all kinds of survival materials, fight against other players, let themselves survive to the last second, and become the only winner!

[Team match, open the dark and tacit battle]

The game is extremely fast and intelligent matching, there is no boring matching waiting! In addition to single-handed combat, there is also a multi-player team to open black mode. Players can group up to 4 people to match at the same time. In addition to individual heroism, there is also a team's tacit cooperation!

[Massive ordnance, personalized equipment shows individuality]

In each game, players can collect dozens of ordnances. Players use different ordnances with different accessories for combat firepower, performance and strategy and tactics. They can choose to wear fashions to show their personality!

[Extremely optimized, perfectly adapted to various models]

The game is equipped with multi-level image quality adjustment settings. The system will intelligently select the best image quality level according to the device model and configuration, ensuring the balance between exquisite graphics and smooth experience to the greatest extent, and perfectly adapting to various mobile phone models in the current market!

Hossam Galal

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