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Millennium brave

Millennium brave

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"Millennium Brave" is a unique turn-based 2D cartoon role-playing game.

The overall art setting is simple and fresh, and the character action design is made with Spine, which is vivid and humorous.

"Millennium Brave" does not have excessively heavy game content, with the main purpose of relaxing and leisure.

【World View】

Completely overhead fantasy world, Japanese style Western fantasy theme.

【story background】

A few years ago, the brave defeated the devil and brought peace and peace to the world.

A few years later, the Demon King broke the peace of this moment and came again, causing the world to fall into chaos again.

The brave men once again embarked on a journey to find clues and defeat the demon king.

[Basic game content]


Supports up to 3 vs. 3 turn-based battles, making combat operations easier.

You can develop the plot in the dungeon and challenge powerful and interesting monsters.

You can also compete with your friends in the arena.


It is the player’s own home. Players can place buildings and decorations in the village at will to create their own personalized home.

You can also cultivate buildings and fields in the village, harvest crops, and be self-sufficient.


The roles used by players are played by different professions, each of which has its own unique appearance and gameplay.

Players can choose 3 professions at the same time to form a battle team, we have opened 6 professions in this version.

The appearance of each class can also be changed at will. Players can arbitrarily match the appearance of class armor and weapons.


The plot is developed in the main story level, rich NPC characters and humorous plot dialogue, simple plot cutscenes add some life to the story.

【Featured Play】


Each profession can equip multiple weapons and armors at the same time.

Each piece of equipment carries an independent skill, and the skills carried on the equipment can be triggered when the character attacks in the battle to help the player fight.

[Auxiliary play]

In the shop, players can buy many items necessary for adventure in the shop.

Forging, the equipment can be cultivated in the forging room.

Alchemy, make interesting and helpful items in the alchemy room.

A variety of auxiliary play methods help players to take risks.

[Content Outlook]

NPCs, NPC characters encountered in villages and dungeons will become players' partners, helping players fight and adventure together.

In the guild, players can form a group, grow big trees together, and conquer powerful monsters.

Dispatch, NPC can help players to explore unknown areas.

Bong accept, the legendary Light Sword and Light Armor will meet the players, they are necessary items to destroy the Devil King.

We will continue to introduce more interesting gameplay.

Millennium brave
Hossam Galal

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