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Magic time

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"Magic Time" is a female-oriented mobile game with the theme of magic and youth. It is designed by Mr. Mitsuya (representative work: "Magic Family"). Takuya Eguchi, Kenn, Yuki Uchida, Yuki Kaji, Okamoto Nobuhiko and many other big-name voice actors present their voices.

In the game, the player will enter the Magic Academy as a transfer student, and have met more than 30 male protagonists with different personalities, and spend a happy and frequent academy life with handsome companions, and experience the beating and benevolent girl Comic plot!

The whimsical Magic Academy Story integrates the growth of youth group portraits, refreshing combo elimination gameplay, easy decompression, and more card development to unlock every side of your favorite male god! Let's experience the magical time that makes people heart-stirring~♪

【World View】

"Magic--that is people's hope and longing."

The story stage of this work is a world where magic is already well known.

Thousands of years ago, when the world was facing great disasters, magicians stepped forward. After a thousand years, modern magicians are still regarded as heroes to protect mankind and are respected professions.

Our protagonist is just an ordinary citizen who leads an ordinary life, and one day suddenly received an invitation letter from the prestigious magic academy that has produced many talents. Taking this as an opportunity, the protagonist with a major secret entered the Felix Magic Academy as a special enrollment student, and the turbulent campus life began.

In the Magic Academy, the protagonist has met a number of male characters with different identities. As the story progresses, the protagonist and each character will gradually get acquainted with each other, fight side by side, and grow together.

[Game protagonist]

This work has more than 30 male protagonists with different personalities. In the ups and downs of the main plot and the colorful side plots, the character charm of each character will be fully displayed, and the secrets hidden in their hearts will gradually be revealed—— Unwilling to expose the true identity, unknown life experience, or unspeakable truth...


The core gameplay of the game is to eliminate battles, and the operation is easy and refreshing.

The combat elimination part adopts 3D form, which makes the characters more vivid, and also makes the players love it more.

The upper part of the game is the display part of the battle. When the conditions are met, you can activate each person's exclusive skills by clicking on each male protagonist's profile picture. You can watch the gorgeous skills of the characters. Special skills will be triggered after specific characters are teamed up.

The lower half of the screen is the player's main operating area. By swiping the screen and connecting the same colored balls, you can eliminate and increase the attack of the male protagonist with the corresponding attribute. In addition to the usual attribute ball beads, there are also various props ball beads appearing, making good use of it may have unexpected effects.

Magic time
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