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Little Pet Home

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"Home Alone" is an updated version!

2017.5.18 update content:

1. Now in the level, every time the missile hits a star or bounces, you will get a score. According to the score, you will determine your clearance star in this level; and the position of the star in the level, but every time you enter it will be different !

2. It's easy to clear the customs. Samsung's customs clearance is usually only a little bit difficult. The biggest difficulty lies in the challenge from the leaderboard! As long as you log in to the game through WeChat, you can see the scores of other masters on the leaderboard! Try to be the number one!

3. Open the currency in the game: canned pets, you can buy more pets by consuming canned pets!

4. Others such as icon update, animation special effect update, etc.


"Home Alone" is actively soliciting opinions from players. If you have any suggestions, you can submit it through the "Home Alone" player group: 467993834 or the official email:!

The daring Mr. Bat has sneaked into the house while his master is not at home!

Mr. Bat hid in the corner and came out to suck blood while waiting for his master to return home.

How can the little favorite of the house watch this scene happen?

...Take out the miniature missile launcher and launch an attack on Mr. Bat! The brave little pet is fearless!

However, various obstacles in the house prevent the missile launched by Xiao Chong from hitting Mr. Bat...

Dear friends, you can help adjust the position of these barriers,

Can the missile launched by Chong be ejected to Mr. Bat through a simple bounce?

[2017 The Latest Object Understanding Mystery Mini Game]

-Easy and enjoyable mini games

The rules of the game are simple and easy to learn.

-Material understanding mystery

The goal of the game is to click on the pet and launch a missile to hit Mr. Bat; based on the idealized physical rebound law, set the missile flight route by adjusting the rebound board, and the missile hits Mr. Bat to win!

-Multiple solutions

Some levels have more than one route to pass the level, so you can find out the flight route of the missile that even the developer can't even think of!

-Limited opportunities

The number of missiles that can be launched in each level is limited, so the route must be carefully set up, otherwise it will be wasted.

-Star Challenge

Each level has three stars that can be collected by flying missiles. Generally, it is easy to ignore the stars hitting Mr. Bat; however, it takes a lot of thought to collect all three stars in each level. And brain power!

Little Pet Home
Hossam Galal

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