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Bai Xiaofei is Big Adventure

Bai Xiaofei is Big Adventure

By: 龙图游戏

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"Bai Xiaofei's Adventure" is a brand-new card strategy placement mobile game based on the animation IP "Brother Corpse". The story is that after the corpse brother virus occurred in H city, Bai Xiaofei left home and embarked on an adventure journey in search of his girlfriend Xiaowei... a highly restored popular character, and the extreme game story of the game, which is hilarious. The game adopts an innovative genre team interaction mode to form its own differentiated genre. There are also brand-new PVP gameplay, magic tower exploration, ladder and museum collection gameplay. Bai Xiaofei will call his friends and friends to build his own survivor base!

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Bai Xiaofei is Big Adventure
Hossam Galal

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