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Creative World

Creative World

By: 心动

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Welcome to Creative World!

It's a world of creativity and fantasy, a laid-back seaside town, with sunshine and sandy beaches. You can work and live with the people who live here, listen to their stories and experience their experiences; you can also explore freely and experience different lives; or you can be creative and build your own house! I hope you can find the childlike innocence and fun you once had in this world.


- The Vivid Real World

It's a free and open, highly exploratory world!

You can gather a group of like-minded friends and have a party at your house for dinner and playing instruments late into the night, or you can head to the beach to soak up the sun, surf and play in the ocean, watch wild marine life, or even a show. If you're adventurous enough, you can even pack a backpack and go on a picnic in the valley, or search for lost ruins in the mysterious depths of the valley...

- Creative construction

It's a world of being creative and extremely inventive!

Use your imagination! Here you can not only build beautiful houses with different styles and your own home decor, plant a variety of dream gardens, but also design playgrounds with lots of fun! Roller coaster, Ferris wheel, pirate bed, bumper cars ... All kinds of rides are waiting for you to build. Customize your own game world and build a miracle to amaze your friends.

- Close to life gameplay

It's a close-to-life, highly playful world!

If you like to live at home, you can cook your own meal in your spare time or stay on the couch and watch a belly-aching TV show. If you prefer to experience the outdoors, you can bring your fishing rod and go fishing at the water's edge for a rare moment of tranquility; or bring your insect net and go deep into the forest to catch butterflies and crickets to relive the beauty of your childhood; or go for an exciting road race on a rugged winding mountain road.

- Rich Career Experiences

It's a career-rich, highly experiential world!

You can join a multifaceted career to live out your childhood dreams. You can start your career as a baker in a bakery, help animals in an animal hospital, be on the cutting edge of fashion in a clothing store, or learn how to create your own coffee menu in a café. And you can become a powerful police detective or a hero in the line of fire to save people's lives.

- Make a trusted partner!

It's a warm and loving, highly interactive world!

In this world of love and creativity, you can explore the world together with your dear friends and discover new things; play music and applaud each other's skills; cook and share your preferences; and go for a drive to an unknown destination. Cooperate with your friends and leave behind your own adventure stories that will make your life better.

Fantasy World is an open community game, a free and open world based on reality but with a different twist.

Here, you'll find creative construction, colorful gameplay, a variety of professions, and trustworthy companions. Build houses, race cars, fish on the beach, catch bugs in the forest, learn to cook, open a cafe, become a firefighter, join a veterinary hospital... Life experiences and childhood dreams will be realized in this new world.

Explore this world of creativity and fantasy with your friends and build your own dream town!

Creative World
Hossam Galal

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