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The sow will go up the tree

The sow will go up the tree


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This is a serious but funny, serious but offbeat game that can't be recovered from the brain that wants to cry but want to laugh.

[An alternative and refreshing tree-climbing experience, taking you to the sky with grace]

The traditional tree-climbing game idea is to "automatically climb little by little jump jump", everyone has been brainwashed by this type of brain damage. [Parent's Guide] Therefore, if you want to play this game, you must change your way of thinking to re-understand-long press to climb, release to jump. If you play this game with a blushing face and unable to turn your head, and always die in the previous section, you will find yourself growing a pig nose.

[Music and art are novel and elegant]

Appreciation of simplicity and elegance, drawing inspiration from Song paintings and Ukiyo-e paintings, creates an inexplicable pastoral landscape but a lot of mosquitoes. This deliberately serious and confused contrast brings you an unexpected feeling. Therefore, I designed 5 kinds of scenes, and asked the musician Lanx to create a song with such a style that I would never hear in a mini game. With the changing seasons of time and the bounce sound effects of brain damage, it will make you feel like a spring breeze and be intoxicated.

[Various tree-climbing roles, not only the sow can climb the tree]

All characters who can't climb trees can climb trees here. Among them, Laughing Cryman😂 is the developer's favorite! This game is just like life, making you "dumbstruck, bitter but sweet".

PS: When you reach a certain high score, you may actually go to the sky and climb into the vast interstellar space beyond the earth. Do you dare to believe it?

The sow will go up the tree
Hossam Galal

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