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Fantasy of Goddess Sheen

Fantasy of Goddess Sheen

By: R2Games

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"Fantasy of the Goddess of Sean" is the first mobile game that supports real-time teamwork of 4 players to eliminate the connection. The beautifully-designed Japanese RPG theme integrates connection elimination, special props, bursts, and skill restraint. Concept, luck, strength, and strategy are indispensable. The operation is simple and easy to use and challenging at the same time.

Game features

◆ Alternative elimination gameplay, integrating unique and innovative prop skills into it, eliminating runes and prop skills to produce chain attacks, bringing infinite pleasure

◆ Break through the weak network and partial single-player gameplay of mainstream elimination games, support real-time teamwork of multiple players, and stimulate player interaction

◆ Powerful world king god system, cool and stunning skills, make a decisive blow in battle

◆ Japanese art style, unique character modeling, gorgeous combat special effects, strong blow feeling, etc. are eye-catching.

Fantasy of Goddess Sheen
Hossam Galal

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