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Little Monsters

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The world is so big, you must go out and see! But it's so dangerous outside, my mother is so worried...It doesn't matter, we have companions, and those little monsters!

As a student of the National Magic Academy, because of his talent, he will be exposed to and learn all kinds of contract magic knowledge. After graduation, most people become adventurers, exploring and discovering magical products in the vast world, and making a living from this. Many wild monsters are hostile to other races, but small monsters bred through artificial catalysis can coexist peacefully with humans. And contract monsters can share their hearts and magical powers with humans.

"Little Monsters" is a casual mobile game of idle style. In this game, you can team up with players from anywhere in the world, explore the world, discover and collect more little monsters.

[Game Features]

-Two people team up to push pictures, innovative gameplay

-Easy placement and benefit, the game life is correct

-Cartoon casual style, we don’t want darkness

-Random adventures in secret realms, small challenges are more exciting

-Compete with the same server globally, share fun

Little Monsters
Hossam Galal

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