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Inked, ink stained on the paper, find the lost love.

Here, you will be an unknown samurai, embarking on a puzzle-solving journey full of unknown adventure.

Every mystery solved will bring you closer to the one you lost the most.

Come on, pull through the puzzles and interpret a story that can change your destiny.

[Game Highlights]

1. Exquisite painting style, master-level music, reproduction of paper and ink painting style at your fingertips

2. Hundreds of interesting levels, eight universes, brand new experience

3. Upgrade the story line to explore the secrets behind the unsung heroes


Nominated for Reboot Dev-Special Selection

Reboot Info Gamer-Best Visual Nominee

Game Connection Asia International Game Exhibition Asia-Boutique Game Awards, Best Mobile/Tablet PC Game Awards, Best Casual Game Awards, Best Game Awards Coming Soon

The official Inked QQ fan group is now open, the group number is 931835596, welcome every unknown hero to join~

Hossam Galal

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