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Bang Bang Legion

Bang Bang Legion

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Some species are born to be cute: they have short hands and short feet, and their bodies are soft and "willfully pinched"; they have no expressions and need to rely on emoji to extend their emotions; usually they are a disc of loose sand, let them go to the left, they never go to the left. Only by listening to the "boom" drumbeat can we get out of a neat formation.

"The village chief, we want to make peas!"

It is this kind of them, unwilling to be just a mascot, and they have spoken out to you who is the current head of Bang Bang Village... You know very well in your heart that this group of (only) will (will) be (stupid) You (playing) Xiaodouding can forget these words in a day!

They may not be worthy to win, but you have no choice, because they have already written the battle book to all the neighboring villages behind your back! This is a huge challenge. You can even imagine that they were overturned by the village next door and couldn't get up.

In order to clean up this mess, you carefully studied the rules of the game:

[Real-time battle commander]

The village chiefs of the two sides led 8 peas into the field. After the game starts, they can direct the pups to play out at any time. However, once they are on the field, they will no longer listen to your command. From then on (nothing) to (brain) without (rushing) forward (forward), until they encounter an opponent or are beaten out of the field... After that, they will return to the queue and wait for the village chief to dispatch again.

[Bang Bang Legion Bang Bang March]

The little peas on the field will advance on a track that only allows one to pass, stepping on the "boom" drum beat every second, and their attacks will be on the beat. There is no doubt that they are born to step on a little strange.

[Victory at the Flying Watch Tower]

Dozens of different professions have served as fighters, shooters, tanks, and wizards in the team. As long as the formation is reasonable enough, they can win the opponent in the encounter and continue to attack the guard tower. Take down the opponent's sentry tower and win the game, you can get more resources to train Xiaodou, build a village to meet the challenges of more and stronger opponents!

【Building a village to train peas】

Outside the battlefield, the village is the backbone of the entire Douding team. The recruitment, cultivation, and operating expenses of the team depend on the village. As the most powerful person in the village, you can upgrade hot springs, canteens, blacksmith shops, and even build an entire shopping street, as long as you love it enough!

Bang Bang Legion
Hossam Galal

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