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Swordsman Love 2: Sword Song Xing

Swordsman Love 2: Sword Song Xing

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"Swordsman Love 2: Sword Song Xing" is a brand new national style martial arts MMORPG mobile game created by the original team of Xishan Juduanyou. The game is based on the world's top Unreal 4 engine, presenting the unprecedented top-level American-style martial arts world; inherits the end game competitive gene, has 1V1 arena, 4V4 battlefield and other multi-competitive gameplay, with unique two genres of the same genre. , Will allow players to experience more free and changeable martial arts competition pleasure. It is the first to create an open economic system, where entities set up stalls, and equipment and materials can be traded one-to-one freely. In addition, the relaxed and free arena social environment, three-dimensional simulation of love, division, gangs, and clan, so that everyone can write their own real arena legends.

[Art] Unreal IV creates the classic new life of swordsman and national style

As the first domestic MMORPG game based on Unreal Engine 4, the product has end-game quality: every plant, every tree, every brick and every tile is flowing with top light and shadow special effects, wind and grass, rain and thunder all reflect the realistic weather effects; row upon row With a super-large main city and an extraordinary martial art manor, players can freely travel in the vast world and enjoy the American style of the classic swordsman at will.

[Competition] Strategy duel between two genres of competitive moves

The first genre double-fixing gameplay, a single class can experience two different genres of weapons, skills, equipment, cheats, and feel at the same time. Refuse to squeeze by numerical value, grab the fighter plane and switch freely during the battle. Skill matching, positioning, and timing of operation are the kings of victory. The famous sword tournament and multiplayer battlefield compete for the highest honor of martial arts after defeating masters step by step.

[Economy] Free economic ecology, real stalls, independent transactions

Different from the conventional virtual shelves, "Sword and Songs" is the first entity to set up a stall. Players can choose to set up a stall on the spot in the scene; the open economic system allows players to set prices, bargain, and trade independently, completely one-to-one Fully free trade. Top-level equipment, cheats, and materials can be traded freely, and you can earn real money from low-income high-selling!

[Variety] Unique martial arts secrets and secrets to match personality

The first secret recipe requires the gameplay, dozens of cheats + hundreds of secrets can be freely matched, and you can switch freely when dealing with different types of enemies; practicing cheats can bring additional skills, and the skills can change the effect of skills. Research your enemies, concentrate on training, create your own martial arts to achieve your own martial arts unique!

[Individuality] A thousand people in the rivers and lakes, a thousand faces, and a face-squeezing variety of fashion

Inherit the end-game-level face-squeezing experience. The facial features, skin color, and makeup are “fabricated” by themselves, and the faces of thousands of people are never the same; age can also be set by yourself, multi-dimensional and three-dimensional to create a real person; different fashion parts mix and match, dye to create your own A maverick outfit.

[Leisure] Say goodbye to boredom, experience offline practice and complete daily routines with one click

Say goodbye to the boring daily tasks of machinery, and complete the accumulation of basic values such as upgrades and cheats training offline. One-stop AI automatically opens the most appropriate attribute & task selection at the moment. Time is precious, and only play what you love!

Swordsman Love 2: Sword Song Xing
Hossam Galal

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