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Galactic boundary

Galactic boundary

By: Etherous Games

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With the discovery of the "Star Gate", mankind embarked on a magnificent interstellar journey. After thousands of years of exploration and colonization, the seeds of human civilization have been planted in distant galaxies.

With the discovery of the "horizon labyrinth" of ancient interstellar civilizations, human empires that settled in distant galaxies are trying to go further than their predecessors. Until the hostile inorganic race-heterogeneous insects, brought war and destruction.

"Heterogeneous bugs"——

This name has become the sword of Damocles hanging over the human empire for ten years.

The empire led mankind to overcome a series of problems in interstellar travel technology, the crisis of political collapse, and the interstellar plague, and faced the new problems of alien races invading, and mankind has never lost the courage to unite against fate.

But, who will it cost and what price will it pay?

Maybe you can give your own answer in the game.

As the commander of the Empire’s elite fleet, you will lead your own special forces to fight against the inorganic race-heterogeneous worm army and defend the forefront of human civilization. At the same time, you are also shouldering the secret mission of finding other "horizon labyrinths".

Galactic boundary
Hossam Galal

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