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Half a retro row

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A letter from a grandfather I’ve never met, a repair shop that was so ruined that I couldn’t pay the rent...

A brand-new life that has never been thought of, a lot of wonderful antiques waiting for you to fix!

The story takes place in a modern overhead city where humans and monsters coexist. You have to solve many incidents by restoring antiques. This will involve a lot of power beyond imagination, and there are many interesting characters waiting for your exploration and discovery!

In the game, you will play as a fledgling antique restorer, personally repairing some real or spiritual ancient creations. By sending many artifacts lodged in the toolbox called the "square box", you can restore the "spiritual" of the antique "And through realistic tools and techniques, you can restore their "shape". The two are inseparable. Just like the humans and monsters living in this city, they are each other's exterior and interior, and each other's light and shadow.

In this modern city where humans and monsters coexist, the daily life you take for granted may have different truths.

Perhaps it was Huang Daxian'er who sent you the courier. The violent golden chain brother downstairs in your house is a snake spirit, and those fashionable and cute young ladies on the side of the road may have a few tails hidden? Monsters are sneaking into human life, and humans are full of vigilance about this-division and dispute are on the verge of breaking out, but only you, the owner of the half lamp, and your antique restoration skills can maintain the fragile balance of this city.

Fortunately, you are not alone, there is a box of cute spirit to listen to you at any time~

Game features:

★Combine, upgrade, and recombine! Relaxing leisure + collecting gameplay!

★Operate an antique restoration shop, complete customer orders and restore all kinds of rare antiques!

★A city is waiting for you to explore! Massive branch plots to explore!

★Ten interactive characters with full personality, let them show you the world!

"Half a Retro Tour" official station:

Official Fan Group-Sexy Producer Online Waiting: 478994224

Official Weibo-You Ai's Banzhan Information: @半湛秘密行官方

Official WeChat Public Account-First-hand information push: Banzhan Retro

Half a retro row
Hossam Galal

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