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Feel the floating island

Feel the floating island

By: 枫梓传奇

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"Smooth Floating Island" is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing action mobile game in the legend of Feng Zi, and the masterpiece of the national handheld mountain pass mountain mobile game! 5V5 competitive copy, multi-map field battles, restore the classic MMOARPG experience; pet catching competitions, fishing competitions, mounts big track, etc., bring fancy combat fun! Real-time 5V5 team competition in 10 seconds, open black points with your friends to win gifts! Attack the strongest team in the national service! Five careers are at your disposal for the big bosses to choose, unlimited injury, long-range shooting, super large-scale explosion, crushing strength, and harvesting all world bosses!

Infinite poisonous monsters are about to invade our home! Come and gather your friends around to form a powerful imperial guard, ready to fight on the battlefield, right here in "Smooth Floating Island"!

Feel the floating island
Hossam Galal

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