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Game of Life

Game of Life

By: 地心坐标

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"Game of Life" series of games official Q group: 519025231

To understand the production process, you can search for the vibrato number: LifeIsGame or spoon game history

The production team’s funny daily searchable Tik Tok number: GCMadHouse or Geocentric Madhouse

WeChat video account: Spoon Game History, Geocentric Madhouse

WeChat public account: unnamed game development log, geocentric game gang

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Babies who just want to play the battle module can download "Game of Life: Heart Demon"

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Welcome to download this application, code-named "Game of Life", the main functions are as follows:

The game with the highest degree of integration with reality in history!

l Explore

Players can freely explore on the real world map. All real places have corresponding functions in the game.

l treasure hunt

There may be world-famous treasures in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the hinterland of the Sahara Desert, and Lop Nur. It is the journey of the brave.

l Territory

Players can enclose land on the map and defend their own territory or attack the territory of others to become the overlord of one party.

l Battle

Simple operations to complete multi-arm battles, each type of beast has unique skills, one-click release of big moves.

l Petting

Each spirit beast has its own personality, and they will show different behaviors in different situations.

l Real people eat chicken

Team up with three or five friends to play a real war chess. You only need to circle a field on the map in advance, and then there will be a military simulation of intrigue.

l Items

A variety of items can be obtained, such as offensive items such as landmines and map cannons, and daily necessities such as food, seeds, and medicines.

l Travel

Players can drive freely on the map, or take trains, planes, and ferries. Of course, you can rent them if you don't have enough money.

l transaction

In reality, all stores have items that can be traded between players, not only that, but also auctions.

l Finance

Players can speculate in stocks, loans, deposit money, and speculate in real estate, and become the financial tycoon of the rich.

l Story

There are multiple parallel worlds in the background story, and the three camps are opposed to each other. Collect clues to the world like a detective, which is really equal to you.

Game of Life
Hossam Galal

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