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War hero

War hero

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The national style fantasy strategy mobile game "Heroes of War" is coming, and the magnificent war epic is at your fingertips!

Subvert the traditional SLG model, hand-painted national style game graphics and diversified gameplay system. Full of strategic battle play, extremely fun training mode, and distinctive elders are all on stage....... The grand scene of the Three Realms War will be presented every inch between players. Here, you can build sects, recruit soldiers, divide areas into alliances, meet leaders from all over the world, cross the boundaries of time and region, and compete for immortal stones to dominate the three realms.

Master! The elders have lined up in front of the temple, and the million heroes are already on standby. We invite you to go to these troubled times of the Three Realms, be the overlord of the Three Realms, and dominate the world!

----------Game Features---------

[Internal repair and external governance, vertical and horizontal three realms]

Internally repair internal affairs technology, and externally practice military technology. Build walls to accumulate food, collect resources, develop production, raise soil and water, and bring people in a country. Sects shine under your governance!

[Millions of soldiers, vertical and horizontal three realms]

Recruit mythical beasts and train soldiers. There are more than 30 combat arms, and various tactics can be used at will. An invincible one million lion is formed in front of you, and you are at your disposal to conquer the world!

[The war of the clan and alliance is on the verge]

Heroes from all walks of life meet at a time, and heroes in troubled times are allied by blood. Fight together with all your allies and join forces. Punish dissidents, share the same hatred! Those who offend me will be punishable even if they are far away!

【The heroes gather righteously, stand by for the Lord】

The ancient gods will all appear on the stage, recruiting talents and returning to the world. Pangu, Nuwa, Wuji, Tianxin... These heroes of the three realms will become right-hand men, and under your cultural and martial arts, they will work together for great cause!

War hero
Hossam Galal

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