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eternal life

eternal life

By: 杠杆工厂

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This is a horizontal action game. With the love of the Black Soul and Castlevania series, we hope to create another mysterious world in our hearts.

At the beginning of the year, I flipped through the book at random and read the following words, "Solomon said: There is nothing new in the world. Just as Plato stated that all knowledge is a memory; Solomon also famously said: All novelty is just forgetting."

For this reason, we thought of a story about memory, soul, and eternity. In the story, there is a world where time is still, a kingdom of immortality, Kodama, a woman who disappears in pursuit of a crow, and a man who is eager to save her lover.

In the story, the man embarks on a journey carrying the soul of Kodama. While hesitating, he also resolutely brandished his long sword. After going through the mud, he began to pursue day after day in this familiar and unfamiliar immortal country...

eternal life
Hossam Galal

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