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Endless War Zone·Awakening

Endless War Zone·Awakening

By: 网易游戏

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"Endless War Zone EX" is a new ARPG product developed by NetEase Inception Studio. As the end game of "Endless Warzone" with the same IP mobile game, "Endless Warzone EX" continues the end game doomsday sci-fi style, heroic style, wildfire world view and other settings. In terms of core gameplay, "Endless Warzone EX" is mainly super-burning. Strong action confrontation, open PVE and PVP two gameplay.

It’s worth mentioning that "Endless Warzone EX" reuses all kinds of art and action performance resources from the end game of "Endless Warzone", inherits all kinds of action performance of the end game "Endless Warzone", doomsday science fiction pictures, wildfire The world view, the overall visual effect has reached the end game level. In addition, the PVE and PVP gameplay is very simple and easy to use. The overall visual effects and combat experience have reached the same level as the end game.

In the "Endless War Zone EX" game, players have to control the protagonist, with his unique gameplay, experience the fun of action PK in this sci-fi world.

Endless War Zone·Awakening
Hossam Galal

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