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Zero Servant Story

Zero Servant Story

By: 深圳市逗豆游戏有限公司

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[Game Introduction]:

The fusion of super-generation sci-fi elements and ancient alchemy opens the door to the evolution of new species.

Unique comic-style combat vision, card battle strategy fusion ATB operation gameplay.

Abundant main storylines and biographies of extra-characters, trace the roots of ancient alchemy technology and the mystery of immortality, and create a supernatural kingdom of the Zero Continent based on multiple cultivation systems derived from the alchemy workshop.

【World View】:

Human beings reborn after going through the energy crisis of the next century realized the evolutionary revolution through the integration of the new element-"zero", and finally formed four human systems of mana, warfare, physical skills and alchemy on the mainland.

In the zero continent of the present century, the death of the human body will return to nature in the form of crystallization, and new elements derived from the world will continue to riot. In the face of the new species revolution, as the only system with the ability to decompose and create elements, the alchemist will once again become the salvation of the Zero Continent.

[Game Features]:

{Doujin Niang·Dimensional Wall Demolition}

Gather dozens of classic two-dimensional animation images, gather in the same time and space, and break the wall of the two-dimensional!

Combining the elements of the world view for the second creation, the theme of the evolutionary revolution is realized, and the classics are reviewed again in the new experience!

{Alchemy Array·Zero Service Force Summon}

Open the door to the truth of ancient alchemy. It belongs to the exclusive combat power of the alchemist. The loyal servant-the Servant of Zero comes in response to your call. The beast ears, spectacles, machine girls, electric wave girls, etc. are all included under your command!

{Moe Maid·Workshop Butler Servant}

Stimulating maid butler, integrated into the development setting, providing healing services and taking care of daily life at the workshop terminal, master, welcome to your alchemy workshop, please give me instructions!

{Assembly Order·Popular Voice Actor to Join}

Long-distance cooperation, many popular voice actor franchise plans have been launched, enriching the vitality of game characters.

{Ultra-evolution · Built-in zero-core system}

Cultivate an independent "heart center"-the zero-core system, six ports matching conductor integrated circuits, and multi-level collocation of crystal elements to stimulate zero-served potential combat energy.

{Fighting PVP·Zero Realm Open}

The Central Priesthood Alchemist Corps commissioned instructions to turn on the magnetic field resonance of the zero field of the workshop terminal, link the opponent's data to directly release the battlefield platform, and brain waves enter the field of PVP actual combat!

Zero Servant Story
Hossam Galal

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