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Winner is king

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We have all played enough in the cliché fantasy worlds such as brave knights, beautiful elves, and jewel-obsessed gnomes. Gilenria is a completely different world... and there are evil savages who come to burn, kill, and looting. They speak vulgar language and drink beer, which usually makes this place more interesting. guess what? It is you who will lead them!

Return to the peak of real-time strategy games. But this time you don’t need to spend an entire hour just to win an encounter. Go directly to the battle and use your rusty strategy and tactics to crush hundreds of enemies in minutes! "Crush Your Enemy" has all the interesting features of a strategy game-planning, selecting different units, managing resources, capturing enemy areas, and using clever formations to outwit your opponents. It's just that this kind of strategy game has been packaged into a compact and intense experience, even if you only have a little time, you can enjoy the fun of fighting.

Game features:

-The mini game pack contains real strategic challenges: levels have in-depth strategic choices, but they can be completed in just a few bursts

-Ultra-simple control: Despite having many strategic options, this game can be easily controlled with just one mouse button

-Epic single player campaign: This game includes a strategic single player campaign that can be played for hours

-Cross-platform multiplayer games: compete with friends and relatives on your computer or mobile device. The battle never stops!

-Various types of arms: Different types of arms play different roles on the battlefield

-Looted items: Use and manage special items proficiently, these items can change the battle situation instantly

-Bizarre war of bosses: Have you ever fought a giant snail that likes to hit people with its head? No? Then what are you waiting for! ?

-Full of playful and humorous storyline: so ***mother will not mistake this game for her favorite "Happy Dim Sum"!

-Violence, beer, and swear words: Enough talk...

Winner is king
Hossam Galal

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