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Elemental Fighter

Elemental Fighter

By: 木核游戏

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"Elemental Fighting Ji" is a turn-based mobile game of popular chemistry science being developed by the Shanghai Wood Nuclear team. This game project takes anthropomorphic chemical elements as the theme, uses real element compound formulas as the battle rules, combines the expressions of contemporary two-dimensional animation style, and advances with the game plot as the main line, with element collection and cultivation, element combination battle, element World exploration is the main content of the game, and it is entertaining and entertaining, which will bring a completely different lively and interesting game experience to the majority of players.

[Dull chemical elements, novel girly design]

According to the characteristics of the chemical element's chemical nature, source and purpose, the game has tailored the element’s nymph image. In the game, players collect characters to light up the periodic table of elements one by one to satisfy the player's collection habit. If you are interested, you can also learn some common sense of chemistry!

[The same cards are cultivated, but different emotions are cultivated]

Our Elemental Girl is so innocent and unpretentious, and it's different from the coquettish (beep-) goods that only babble outside! The character of the game is fresh and not templated. The goodwill of the player and the character is no longer just a simple numerical increase, but more dungeon events will be unlocked, allowing you to truly feel the difference in the level. !

[Roguelike-style dungeon exploration, freshness MAX]

Different from the mainstream push-pattern levels, the game adopts dynamic maze-style level play. Some of the events that will happen in the dungeon level are determined by the player, the other part changes according to the player's choice and the result of the battle, and there is even some, oh, for the sake of God, who knows what will happen.

[Turn-based combat, plus a little bit of chemistry]

Are you tired of ordinary games' hot and cold attributes and all kinds of inexplicable skills? Then do you remember the lithium sodium potassium rubidium cesium francium, helium neon argon krypton xenon radon back to school? Remember that the chemical formula of water is hydrogen oxide and the chemical formula of salt is sodium chloride? This knowledge will become your weapon in the battle of the game, making it easier for you to win!

[Science fiction to the plot, the battle of wits and courage in the world of pros and cons]

Continuing the theme of the game, the plot of the game is sci-fi and grand. At the beginning of the Big Bang, the total mass of positive matter and the total mass of antimatter in the universe were almost equal, but with the birth of civilization, intelligent creatures cannot be like inorganic As things do not interfere with each other, a long-lasting battle between pros and cons broke out... For predicting what will happen, please see the decomposition of the game...

[Cooperation and confrontation, zero interaction with players who reject Japanese cards]

There are various cooperative copies in the game, and you can fight against powerful bosses with your friends; form a guild with like-minded people to face severe challenges together. There are also arenas and ladders to compete for understanding of chemical elements!

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Elemental Fighter
Hossam Galal

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