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Nautical treasure

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"Navigation Treasure" is a strategic card-based mobile game based on medieval navigation. The game is based on the emergence of medieval navigators. In order to seek greater wealth to rule maritime hegemony, the player acts as one of the admirals and members of the union. , With the goal of domination of all ports in the world, to meet different challenges.

Exquisite picture

Perfectly restore medieval warships, architecture and naval battle scenes, and appreciate the characteristics of all parts of the world

A Gathering of Heroes

Recruit many well-known navigators and train them to become captains who can be independent

Invincible Fleet

Collect powerful warships and form several powerful fleets across the ocean to smooth the enemy

Decisive victory

The combination of different captains and ships makes the battle situation change rapidly and achieves a shocking reversal

Seaport development

Upgrade buildings, hoard resources, build miracles, and greatly strengthen all attributes

Don't hesitate, let us set sail together and become the overlord of the sea!

Nautical treasure
Hossam Galal

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