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Falcon War

Falcon War

By: Bihive联蜂

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"Dear commanders, this pioneer file deletion test has now been successfully concluded, thank you for your support! We will take the opinions and feedback collected during this test into consideration and optimize as soon as possible! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions, please leave a message on Tap, or join our official QQ group 690329377 to communicate with the pinch commanders! 》

Hello everyone, I am your editor scum, recommend a super fun game to everyone, greedy... (almost wrong...)

Today I would like to recommend a brand new war chess type game "Falcon Wars"!

The day before the launch of the domestic test server is finally coming, and the test will be launched on April 24 according to the plan.

This test is a closed test with deleted files, and the specific test duration will be announced in the future (approximately 1 month)

In the next few days, we will work hard to complete the IOS version, optimize the UI of each page, improve all functions, and add more interesting skills and gameplay!

I hope to give encouragement to the commanders so that we can make better domestic war chess games. I also hope that one day we can export overseas and carry forward!

In fact, the original "Falcon War" had an outline of the core gameplay a long time ago, but the theme at that time was not what you see now: the heroic Ron, the sexy Liliana, or the treacherous warlock guild, etc. . Then, suddenly one day we found that the theme at that time was getting farther and farther away from the effect and experience we wanted, and then we spent a long time to shape what we wanted, a brand new "Arran Continent" related to him. Elements.

Okay, let me briefly introduce our core gameplay and content!

(1) First of all, I have to mention our real-time arena battle·PVP (due to the fairness and balance of the game). We boldly adopt a one-step battle mode per person. We hope that all commanders will experience further and give valuable opinions! (Real people duel, no robots yet)

(2) Passive system: Allow the editor to move your gaze to one of our 25 passive propaganda posters, which contains the introduction of 3 passive skills, namely: death contract, assistance and bloodthirsty. These are just three of the simple but crude abilities, and the rest will be explored by each commander. Each hero can wear up to 3 passive effects, remember that passive effects will affect your every move!

(3) Choose your personalized plot! In some levels, the commander needs to make dialogue choices for our hero, and sometimes there will be unexpected surprises!

(4) Special skills: We have made some unique hero active skills. Here, not only displacement is the characteristic skill, but players can also increase the damage by sliding the screen (what! There is also a sliding screen gameplay?! How to integrate Come to war chess?)

As the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have recently conducted a series of rigorous investigations and clearing the relationship, this test will not be able to provide online payment functions, and will delete files, and will not retain any data, please understand!

[A big solicitation of opinions! 】This test version is a development version. We sincerely invite you to work with us to optimize this work. If you have any suggestions or find bugs, commanders are welcome to TapTap or give feedback in the Q group!

Falcon War
Hossam Galal

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