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"In this dark world, it was you who lit up the never-extinguished light in my heart..."

【game introduction】

This is a story about a little girl who went blind during the war, Sammi, looking for her parents.

You will play the role of Shanmi, and through the cooperation of the guide dog "Xiaoguang", you will embark on this dangerous and unknown journey together... and all your choices will also affect the fate of Xiao Shanmi...


△I empathize with the world of the blind

△The story with temperature + adventure puzzle solving

△Cooperate with guide dogs

△Immersive experience: plot QTE gameplay

△Multiple plot branches, determine the fate of the protagonist

[Affirmed from all walks of life]

Malaysia Levelup kl 2019 Best Drama Award

Nominated for the Best Story Game at the 2020 Taipei Game Show

Finalist IMGA World's Best Mobile Game

【background story】

Because of her parents working in different places, the little girl Shanmi was raised by her grandfather. However, their peaceful and beautiful life was broken-the local area declared a state of emergency! ?

Fearing the spread of war, Grandpa resolutely took Sammi to reunite with his parents.

There was an accident on the way, grandpa passed away unfortunately, and Xiao Shanmi’s eyes could no longer see the light...

Later, Xiao Shanmi met her guide dog Xiaoguang, an indispensable little friend in her journey.

Our Xiao Shanmi and our guide dog Xiao Guang travel through this dangerous city, learn how to get along with different people and reveal the hidden secrets...

All in all, Sammi will face all these dilemmas, and the player guides Sammi's destiny.

Hossam Galal

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