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Cosmic town

Cosmic town

By: LambdaMu Games Pte. Ltd.

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Welcome to Utopia! You will control this paradise floating in space and become the mayor leading the residents here.

The clones will arrive in your utopia one after another, and you will be responsible for finding a new life for them here. You will combine the technologies of the residents with genetic engineering to discover more and more innovative jobs and expand the bright future of the universe town.

Diverse and diverse flowers blooming

Through genetic engineering combined with the superior nature of utopian citizens, new jobs will be created-the sergeant Li Heimiao, the veterinarian, and the treasure hunter Duan Xingjian!

Full of money

The hard work of each new resident will bring income to the town-the more residents, the more benefits! Put these wealth into the development of Utopia to open up new territories, build new houses, and introduce new residents; collect U mines to accelerate development, reveal new formulas, and create unprecedented novel jobs!

Endless joy

Love will conquer everything-the affection among residents can also be turned into the driving force of utopia! Collect eleven hearts and get a reward, which can be a gold coin, a U mine, or even a cute little animal wandering around the street!

Surprise again and again

There are many little secrets in Utopia. When you acquire certain buildings, there may be new special functions in them!

Game features: create 349 unique utopia residents; find all kinds of small surprises and hidden games in the town; unique and excellent pixel art style; your utopia can be created as you like!

Cosmic town
Hossam Galal

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