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Fried piglet strong

Fried piglet strong

By: 南水村生产队

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As a high-play player, are you struggling again? Why have you finished playing all the hard-core games around you again? The charter wife, why don't you have any games for me to play? ! Maybe what you need is:

Yes, that's right! Stop playing those fake meat tossing games, come and play this super fun real meat tossing game-Xiaozhu Jianqiang!

How to play: Opening...a piece of meat? ? Clearance depends on... Math, physics and chemistry? ?

This is a good game that uses your knowledge from elementary school mathematics to university astronomy. Listen to the nephew of the second son of the old man in the production team. Xiaozhu Jianqiang can be described as a good helper to learn new things after studying, and improve academic performance. Good partner. Believe it or not, I believe it anyway. Because... I was surrounded by various teaching materials, large and small. Let's take a look. On the left are elementary school mathematics, middle school physics and so on. Take a copy on the right, you see: Wow, "On How to Make a Good Game Without Losing Your Hair" (...I'll do something first...)

There are more handsome, charming and beautiful Jin Ke La limited skins waiting for you! Don’t make an appointment yet!

Fried piglet strong
Hossam Galal

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