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Wang Sifeng

Wang Sifeng

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The Suspect of Sun Meiqi Wang Sifeng

"Every school has a mysterious place that you never dared to enter, and this place often precipitates all the mysteries since the school was founded."

---Liu Qingchun

After the incident of Sun Meiqi, Liu Qingchun came to Changzhuang Town Elementary School for the first time. Just as the school was off, Liu Qingchun entered the teaching building after consulting the principal.

In the afternoon, Liu Qingchun sat on Wang Sifeng's desk thinking about the case, and fell asleep in a daze. It was late at night when he woke up, and the door of the school's teaching building had been locked. Liu Qingchun didn't know if he really fell asleep or it was suddenly this time for some other reason.

Principal Du *** confessed: "Team Liu, I did not expect that such a big case occurred in our school’s children’s home. Our school must actively cooperate with the investigation. The child Wang Sifeng is in the second class of the fifth grade in the second teaching building. Today is exactly Sunday. You can go and see, but please don’t go to the second floor. There is always a place for sundries, and school workers usually lock it up."

He couldn't get out anyway, so Liu Qingchun decided to visit the teaching building at night to see if there were any clues that might help the case.

Wang Sifeng
Hossam Galal

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