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Code: Oath

Code: Oath

By: 多氪游戏

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There are countless parallel dimensional spaces in the universe;

These parallel dimensional spaces are entangled together in a distant place-the singularity;

Here, the rules and energies of all dimensional spaces converge here;

Continue to swallow each other, annihilate, rebirth...until a balance is formed;

A new world was born here...


With the passage of time, the energy of other dimensions fluctuates abnormally;

A burst of black energy spreads here;

Cracks appeared in the original flawless balance, and weird things appeared everywhere;

As if a black cloud shrouded the world;


Destruction always seems to be accompanied by new life;

There are mysterious creatures that appear at the same time as the collapse;

Is the enemy? Is it a friend? Justice or evil, you choose;

The journey of bondage begins with you...

Code: Oath
Hossam Galal

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