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Chao Gexing

Chao Gexing

By: Seed工作室

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Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the fairy and demon, stirring the situation in troubled times, the two-dimensional turn-based mobile game "Chao Ge Xing" is dressed in Chinese style, and is drawn from myths and legends such as "Feng Shen Bang", "Shan Hai Jing", and "Shen Xian Biography". A brand-new turn-based combat style, creating a high degree of freedom of the classic and two-dimensional perfect combination of the mobile game sincerity of the wind gods and demons.

Dao friends, please rest assured~ this will be a game that is neither liver nor krypton, we are striving to be a clear stream in the RPG world~

Because-our "Fengshen" is different~

Chao Gexing
Hossam Galal

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