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Edge: the second truth

Edge: the second truth

By: 麦兜小贱

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--【game introduction】--

At the beginning of the biography, the stars turned upside down, the world was boiling, father and son turned against each other, brothers fought. A prolonged battle broke out without warning.

The moment the war broke out, the invincible human civilization vanished in an instant. After personally destroying the civilization that they have worked so hard to build, people are still unwilling to stop...

In the end, the benevolent god ended all wars and disputes, but in order to prevent people from falling into slaughter again, some people were selected and given the power to receive weapons from the gods, so as to eliminate the sins of the gods and the original sins of garrison, and atone for mankind. .

"Edge" is an RPG mobile game that integrates MMO and placement. It takes apocalyptic exploration as the main line, and the core gameplay with a variety of weapon trays. It is matched with different PVP gameplay scrolling and highly free random exploration. It brings in the plot experience and battle gameplay. Give you a different feeling!

Edge, the intersection of the old and the new world! The chosen one, the new world is created by you!

——[Game Features]——

 Rich and diverse free exploration

Fighting monsters, gathering, hanging up...not only that, but deserts, jungles, volcanoes...random maps make you a perfect experience, ruins, ruins, god can only think of these? Of course, teaming is also a must. We support single player or multiple players!

Various ways to play rolling is not dull

Can you be satisfied with a variety of PVEs and copies? We want to give more than that. There is a rich and varied PVP mode scrolling extraction, abandoner playing, building offense and defense, dark exploration, prison battle, etc., there is always one you like.

Deeply developed weapon system

Pray for more than a hundred weapons to choose from. Seven element attributes give weapons different lives. The combination of elements and multiple weapons form a different fate. In the spiral of fate to find the truth, make friends with fate!

 Wonderful plot design

Follow the artifact left by Eighteen Arahah, explore the final truth, and unlock the complicated plot development! Don't just believe what you see!

Edge: the second truth
Hossam Galal

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