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Mercenary bar

Mercenary bar

By: 冲击波游戏

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"The Mercenary Bar" is a pixel-style real-time battle game.

Players defeat other players by controlling their personalized heroes and teammates to cooperate with each other.

===Story background===

In the depths of this city, there is an unusual bar, which is full of powerful people from all over the world.

Rumor has it that there are often battle matches in the bar underground, and strong players from all over the world want to come here to prove their strength...

===Game Features===

1.3 minutes to stimulate the battle

Each battle has a time limit of 3 minutes, which is relaxed, enjoyable and passionate.

2. Team up to open black

Bring up your friends, let's open the black and blast the opposite side

3. Many different heroes to choose from

Each hero has its own different gameplay routines

4. Unique hero talent system

Each hero can unlock layers of talents as the star level increases, and each layer has 3 talents.

Different combinations of talents for the same hero can get different combat experiences.

5. Hero Rune System

Each hero can unlock rune slots as the star level increases. Rune slots allow players to equip heroes with runes.

Runes can increase hero attributes and cultivate personalized attributes.

6. Hero skin system

Each hero has many skins.

In addition to providing a cool appearance, the skin can also get a slight attribute increase.

Mercenary bar
Hossam Galal

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