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My rocket company

My rocket company

By: 游戏学院

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Run an emerging rocket company, with the most cutting-edge space exploration technology at your fingertips!

Looking at the stars in the sky, "One day, I will be the brightest one", you make a magnificent wish. After receiving funding from the mysterious consortium, with the dream of emigrating to Mars, you start to enter the space exploration industry.

Orders are coming, and every successful launch can bring you huge returns, enough to support the company's operations and development.

But launching a rocket is never a simple task. Hire professional scientists to solve technical problems, let designers build blueprints, and finally you need engineers to build the perfect launch vehicle. As the person in charge, you must monitor the whole process to ensure nothing is lost.

The vast space opened the door to you. While grabbing the rich benefits, you are getting closer and closer to your dreams. Can it successfully immigrate to Mars? Everything depends on your management wisdom!

My rocket company
Hossam Galal

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