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Chica showdown

Chica showdown

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[Core Background]

When the "Chika Continent" civilization first appeared, life was multiplying endlessly, and various ethnic groups were standing everywhere in the continent. Since the outbreak of the War of the Century, in order to survive and develop, various races have only continued to expand their territories and strengthen their forces. For thousands of years, wars between various races have never really stopped.

[Core gameplay]

1. According to the opponent's strategy and your own strategy, using the relationship of professional restraint, choose the unit suitable for the current battle situation to build and upgrade.

2. Fully develop the layout, form a combination of arms, and superimpose the effects of skills.

4. Added hero cards and building cards to increase battlefield strategy.

3. Activate the secret technique of the arms, greatly increase the strength of a certain aspect of the arms, and conduct the final battle.

[Game Features]

1. The collected cards can be matched and brought into the battlefield by themselves, with a higher degree of freedom.

2. The types of values are simple, only attacking and defending lives, easy to understand, and low learning costs.

3. Anytime, anywhere, go online and do it, cool in 10 minutes.

4. 2v2, invite friends, seamless cooperation, super god strategy, passionate duel.

As the story unfolds, the major clans trigger wars in order to expand their territories, the past of various clans, the darkest history of this continent... everything will gradually surface.

Chika duel official group: 565160844.

Chica showdown
Hossam Galal

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