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Brave X Demon King

Brave X Demon King

By: 史莱姆大魔王

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The great devil often thought with irritation:

"It's just stealing a few livestock, destroying a few bridges to practice their skills, and lifting the girls' skirts to make me feel bored. Why are they sealed by the brave? It seems that I really can't get along with humans!"

With the weakening of the seal power, the monster brothers of the big devil are determined to break the seal and seek justice for the big devil!

The adventure village that has been silent for a long time is in crisis again

Farmer: "The animals on the farm may not be kept!"

Girls: "Coming back to revenge may be more than just lifting up the skirt! I'm scared to think about it~"

Boys: "What if the big devil likes more than girls~"


The village chief looked helpless: "It seems that I have to invite the brave men who have nothing to do..."

Thinking of those brave men who had done nothing light or heavy and destroyed several houses and half of the public facilities in order to catch the monsters, the village chief thought to himself: "The damage caused by the brave to drive away the monsters should not be greater than the big devil's return. …"

In a tavern with lazy tunes looping

The boring brave men heard the news that the monsters are coming to make trouble, and enthusiastically discussed (chui) on (niu) (bi).

Windrunner: "This time we must achieve the achievement of three eagles with one stone~"

Bingmei: "If the monster hides in the bullpen again, I will simply freeze the entire bullpen in the extremely cold field!"

The pirate pointed to [Zhi] on his arm and said, "It's time to show the tattoo on my arm~"


Well, is it a brave incarnate, earn a little money to protect the village by the way, or join the monster army, rescue the big devil and seek justice for it? Everything is up to you!

Game features

 Encirclement and suppression-cooperate with teammates to encircle and wipe out opponents

 Extreme escape-make good use of the terrain to get away cleverly

 Role reversal-turn the BOSS into an offensive

 Classic setting-the life and death game of the demon king's holy sword

 Diverse maps-traps are everywhere

 Rich characters – all the heroes are on the stage

 Real-time confrontation – 3V5 "unfair" leisure competition

Brave X Demon King
Hossam Galal

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