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Blast Brothers

Blast Brothers

By: 掌游天下ZPLAY

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Come and play [Blasting Brothers] and join this super classic and exciting multiplayer battle game! Blast your opponent into the sky, become the last survivor, and win!

[Blasting Brothers] Inspired by memories of the 80s and 90s. A casual mobile game with multiplayer real-time battles and checkpoints as the core gameplay. Match your opponents online in the battle game, collect props to improve bomb attributes, and special props such as super big explosions and flying bombs to fight your opponents through obstacles! If you are defeated, it doesn't matter, the real fun has just begun! The defeated players will turn into ghosts, adding negative effects to the surviving players and let them avoid you!

Game features:

[Classic gameplay, explosive reproduction]

Reproduce the classic Bomberman gameplay, innovate multiplayer real-time battle mode, carefully debugged operation mode, full touch screen experience!

[Fair competition, no difference duel]

The initial explosion effect of the players is the same, and the bomb level is raised by collecting boosters. In the process, they are careful to encounter ghost items, which is intense and exciting! Players with higher achievements will receive more rewards.

[Cool dress, highlight personality]

Personalize your image, put on a top hat, greet other players, and make funny faces! The well-designed bomb special effects will make you different immediately.

[2vs2 team battle, chatting with sisters]

Engage in the battle hall, build rooms for encryption, bid farewell to the pig teammates, and bring male and female potmates to fight together. Of course, other online players can also be matched. 120s chaos, you can play whatever you want.

[Story level, full of fun]

There are currently 60 levels open! Explore a world full of challenges and monsters, find your pass key, and open a new chapter of adventure! Levels are being updated one after another...

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Blast Brothers
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