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Big fight

Big fight

By: 群英工作室

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The second battalion commander I *** the Italian pot too!

"Shooting Pot" is an innovative type of parkour competitive mobile game.

[Game Background]

The human civilization is splendid and splendid. In every corner of the world, there are wonderful and thrilling mysteries, waiting for people to explore. The player is acting as a treasure hunter. You need to get as many treasures as possible and avoid competitors. In the end, he won the victory.

[Core Features]

1. 4V4! Limit anti-kill! Super God!

4v4 fresh experience, random map of ranked battle, every round is a fresh experience. Hero strategy collocation, flexible use of map traps, 666 with both hands and brains!

2. Individual battles, team battles! Have fun and talk, operate and talk!

Dormitory roommates, friends and classmates, passionate team battles at any time! Can show operation, can rely on cooperation, the new competition is to HIGH with friends!

3. Play anytime! It's cool in 5 minutes!

A fun game suitable for mobile phones, enjoy the ultimate competitive experience in 5 minutes. Who is the king of adventure with roundabout operations and matching props! Just waiting for you!

4. Fair play! It's fun to fight for strength!

Rely on strength to carry the audience, and rely on technology to determine the outcome. Don't be a hero, don't set physical strength, and return your first game fun!

5. Super God at your fingertips! Exquisite walking show operation!

Micromanagement changes the battle! Hand flow? Stream of consciousness? Watch me take my position delicately, beat the heroes, and play the master operation! Harvest bubbles and kill super gods in a row!

Big fight
Hossam Galal

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